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Model 708 Data Logger

Model 708 portable data logger

The model 708 data logger has eight, eight bit, analog inputs, and five digital inputs or outputs. You can set the 708 to take readings in intervals from a few seconds to a few hours. The data can be uploaded to a PC in a format compatible with most spread-sheets. The 708 is $50 USD without batteries. Uses four D cells and one 9V battery.

See below for sensors for the model 708 

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 Model 908 Growing Degree Day Data Logger

We designed the model 908 growing degree day (GDD), data logger as a very specialized instrument. Placed in a weather shelter at your growing site it measures and displays the GDD base 50, 45, and 40. It also measures the GDD of the soil at base 50. Daily temperatures are shown too. You get a better idea of when to expect pest by using GDD than by the calendar. The 908 comes with two temperature sensors, and instructions on building or purchasing a weather shelter. Unit price is $90 USD.

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Model 103 Data Logger

The model 103 is our top of the line general purpose data logger. We've included signal conditioners for two temperature sensors, and one relative humidity sensor. In addition there are three analog inputs and two digital inputs. Data collection intervals are from a few seconds to several days. A total of 4K readings are stored. The 103 comes with an interface cable and software. Price is $95 USD.

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Model 915 Irrigation Monitor

The model 915 irrigation monitor is designed to operate under the soil for an entire season. Stored soil moisture, and soil temperature data is uploaded through a cable at the surface. You can program the 915 to take, and store samples, from an interval of one each minute to once a day. 

You can use gypsum blocks, or granular matrix sensors with the 915. A temperature sensor is included with the basic model 915. See the bottom of this page for sensor prices. 

The 915 with pipe case, upload cable, upload software, 4K memory, temperature sensor, and instruction manual is $49 USD. Soil moisture sensor can be purchased from most irrigation suppliers or from us,  see below . Additional information is available  here.

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Temperature sensors with signal conditioning are available for the model 708 for $12.50 each. These sensors are also available with calibration for $25 each plus shipping . Temperature range of the sensors is -14 degrees F, to 125 degrees F. 

Temperature sensor, moisture proof, for use with our Model 915 irrigation monitor, $15 each plus shipping.

Temperature sensors with other ranges are available on special request. Contact us for details and pricing. 

Watermark® granular matrix soil moisture sensors with 10 ft. leads, $40 USD plus shipping.

Humidity Sensor: Range 0-100% relative humidity, output: 0-5V. Low power CMOS signal conditioner requires very little power. In a weather proof housing, $85 USD each plus shipping.

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